• Andre


    Andre is an absolutely stunning boy who broke our hearts a little the first time we met him.  It’s one of those … Read More »

  • Bastian


    Bastian is a giant puppy whose biggest goal in life is to love and be loved.  He is playful, affectionate, silly, … Read More »

  • Benny


    This boy is the absolute definition of a true best friend.  Gentle, affectionate, loyal, and full of love; Benny embodies … Read More »

  • Bo Bo

    Bo Bo

    A cuddlebug and a clown!  Bo Bo is an absolutely adorable young pup full of personality.  He’s playful, affectionate … Read More »

  • Boudreaux


    Say hello to our gorgeous and burly boy, Boudreaux! Those huge, golden, and slightly crossed eyes are the perfect mix … Read More »

  • Carla


    Carla is a spicy beauty with a goofy streak!  Gorgeous, highly intelligent, and full of personality, spending time … Read More »

  • Chloe


    Brace yourselves, Austin.  It’s not easy to handle the epic levels of cuteness Chloe possesses. The perfect triangle … Read More »

  • Cupcake


    (Editor’s Note: You might recognize this sexy dog as the model for the Dogs Out Loud logo. This gorgeous, funny, … Read More »

  • Dakota


    Shy, gentle, and a little unsure of the world.  Dakota is a dog with a beautiful spirit and a kind heart.  He joins … Read More »

  • Dino


    Say hello to Dino! This affectionate and energetic boy is charismatic, bright, and eager-to-please and brightens any … Read More »

  • Dobby


    Dobby is a gosh darn adorable young dog who’s smart as a whip.  Like most puppies, he loves to play, thinks toys … Read More »

  • Elsa


    The ridiculous cuteness. The inquisitive smarts. The affectionate charm. Little Miss Elsa is a spunky young pup who … Read More »

  • Fennec


    Like a Fennec Fox! This adorable dog with the magical ears has come a long way to get where he is today. Fennec is … Read More »

  • Finnegan


    We often refer to the pups in our program as incognito super dogs.  Finnegan is the embodiment of that saying.  He … Read More »

  • French Fry

    French Fry

    This beautiful girl with the soulful eyes is French Fry. A silly name, perhaps. But silliness is one of French Fry’ … Read More »

  • Helios


    This adorable ray of sunshine is Helios! He is a bundle of puppy energy ready to take on the world. At heart this boy … Read More »

  • Jennifer


    This up-for-anything sweetheart of a dog spots her favorite people coming from a mile away and is always ready to go … Read More »

  • Jordan


    Those perky ears.  Those tiny teeth.  That perfect pink nose. The adorably wiggling tush.  Jordan is one of the … Read More »

  • Josh


    Josh is a big teddybear of a dog who almost didn’t get his chance.  He landed at the shelter as an adolescent and … Read More »

  • Kazoo


    This is a great dog, Austin!  Kazoo is the consummate sidekick just waiting for his partner in crime.  He has a great … Read More »

  • Kermit


    Yes, that is a real dog.  Yes, he is ADORABLE.  Kermit is truly one of a kind and there is no one better to describe … Read More »

  • Latte


    Oh, Latte.  You slay us with your cuteness.  The fact that this overwhelmingly adorable little nugget is one of the … Read More »

  • Leroy


    Gorgeous and goofy.  Those are two of the first words that spring to mind when thinking of Leroy.  This amazing, … Read More »

  • Maddie


    We love this slender little firecracker!  Maddie packs as much smarts and personality as is possible into her slight … Read More »

  • Micah


    Micah: a cute perfect-sized dog, both goofy and shy, excited but scared, learning about life, play and affection. Micah … Read More »

  • Mustang Sally

    Mustang Sally

    Ladies and gentlemen… Meet The ‘Stang! Mustang’s cuteness is so powerful it may actually knock you over the first … Read More »

  • Norm


    In case you haven’t heard, Norm J. Cornbread is quite the local celebridog! First he made his debut on Fox 7 Austin … Read More »

  • Paige


    Our lovely girl with the magical eyes.  Paige is a feminine dog with a slender face and special beauty unique to her … Read More »

  • Peanut


    This adorable, long-legged boy is Peanut!  Peanut is a goofy, playful young pup full of smarts.  He already knows … Read More »

  • Penny


    Penny is a beautiful free spirit who loves to be active and is at home on the trails throughout Austin. With her perfect … Read More »

  • Pepper


    Absolutely lovely.  These are the first words that come to mind when thinking of sweet Pepper, a dog full of hope … Read More »

  • Phoenix


    Phoenix has the most beautiful blue eyes you’ll ever see. Unfortunately, they’re also a genetic indicator of deafness … Read More »

  • Pivo


    Pivo is just about everything you can hope for in a dog.  He’s handsome, unique, friendly, fun, and will be a loyal … Read More »

  • Ronnie


    This is Ronnie! He is a wonderful 2 yr old dog who is has been at Austin Animal Center for far too long! Ronnie is … Read More »

  • Rudy


    We are pretty sure that Rudy’s official breed is smoochabull!  This adorable, cuddly, super affectionate young boy … Read More »

  • Saul


    Those puppy eyes.  That wiggle butt.  That hopeful smile.  We dare you to resist the adorable chunk of love that … Read More »

  • Shasta


    Is it possible for a piglet to be absolutely gorgeous?  We might not have thought so until we met Shasta! This wiggly … Read More »

  • Sierra


    Beautiful Sierra is a survivor with a gentle heart and an intelligent, playful personality that’s just beginning … Read More »

  • Simba


    Simba’s sweet nature and fun-loving personality are wrapped up in one of the most handsome canine packages we’ve … Read More »

  • Simon


    Simon is a quiet, sensitive sweet pea of a dog whose biggest goal in life is just to be near his person.  He has a … Read More »

  • Snickers


    Snickers is a pretty, petite little girl with velvety soft fur.  She’s loving, playful, and full of personality.   … Read More »

  • Strider


    Strider is a gorgeous, confident, intelligent dog with all the qualities that make an exemplary canine best friend.   … Read More »

  • Tara


    Tara is an incredible dog wishing with all her heart that someone would stop and notice her. We first met Tara when … Read More »

  • Tater


    This hilarious little girl arrived at the shelter with quite a bit to learn about life.  Lucky for her, she is adorable … Read More »

  • Tiger


    Tiger is a firecracker.  A beautiful, energetic girl full of spunk and enthusiasm.  She loves playing fetch.  She … Read More »

  • Tommy


    There’s just something about Tommy.  Something special that shows up clearly in his sweet personality and desire … Read More »

  • Tucker


    Tucker is kind of a heartthrob.  A handsome country boy with a heart of gold, so charming he’s yet to meet a person … Read More »

  • Vince


    Say hello to our tender little low-rider, Vince! This sweet, sensitive boy is super affectionate, adorably amusing, … Read More »