Adoptable Program:

Simba_0013Simba’s sweet nature and fun-loving personality are wrapped up in one of the most handsome canine packages we’ve ever seen.  We are happy to report that the worry lines in Simba’s beautiful furrowed brow are already smoothing out.  Though he was too scared to leave his kennel the first time we met him, Simba’s desire to make friends and investigate was clear.  He just needed someone to help him take the first few steps.

Those steps have turned into adorable prances and Simba now happily goes for walks and has discovered the joy of frolicking with toys.  He is working on learning his basic skills and while many things are new to him, Simba is now brave enough to conquer them with enthusiasm.

Simba would make a great family pet and companion.  He’d also be a perfect low-key running buddy.  He has the athleticism to keep up and mellowness to hang on the patio or grab a nap afterwards.  Can Simba be your loyal sidekick?

Simba_0010Simba is currently at Austin Animal Center, 7201 Levander Loop. Email to set-up a time to meet Simba or learn more about him!