Adoptable Program:

Gorgeous and goofy.  Those are two of the first words that spring to mind when thinking of Leroy.  This amazing, people loving dog has personality and good looks to spare and is one of the most resilient dogs we’ve ever met.

Leroy didn’t get the puppyhood that allowed him to run and play and live in a loving home. He was taken by Animal Control from his previous owner and spent four months at the city shelter with little interaction or even time out of his kennel.

Now, after spending some time with people who love him and have given him the training and support he needs, Leroy has reclaimed the puppyhood that he missed out on. He loves to run zoomies, to cuddle, and to go on adventure walks where he can do lots of sniffing. He pounces like Tigger when a favorite toy or treat is tossed for him and has a penchant for napping with favorite stuffed animals.

Leroy loves car rides and is an excellent passenger.  He just asks that you excuse the drool from the sloppy kisses he likes to bestow on the driver.  He’s come a long way in the time we’ve known him and has proven that he’s as smart as he is handsome. Leroy knows sit, down, target, come, stay, drop and off and is both crate- and house-trained. He even comes with a post-adoption training scholarship to get his life with his new family started off on the right paw.  Leroy is looking for the person who appreciates him for the incredible dog that he is and sees the potential to help him continue to learn and grow.  All dogs are special, but this guy truly is one of a kind.