Adoptable Program:

Maddie_0016We love this slender little firecracker!  Maddie packs as much smarts and personality as is possible into her slight, athletic little frame.  She is just a young pup, surrendered by her family due to her fear issues.  But Maddie has all the potential in the world to leave that fear behind and excel as the silly, spicy creature she is meant to be.

Maddie loves to play.  She thinks toys and running and chasing stuff is super awesome.  She is also incredibly intelligent; really and truly an exceptionally trainable girl with the ability to problem solve.  She’d be fantastic at agility and just about anything else her human best friend might like to do with her.

maddie excitedThis inquisitive, energetic little dog is an absolute blast to hang out with.  She’ll have you laughing at her antics and will impress you with how quickly she learns new skills.  Helping Maddie’s confidence and social skills develop is going to be one of the most fun tasks we’ve ever had and seeing her go on to thrive in a home will be a wonderfully joyful thing.  Does Maddie sound like the girl for you?

Maddie is currently at Austin Animal Center, 7201 Levander Loop. Email to set-up a time to meet Maddie or learn more about her!