Adoptable Program:

jordanThose perky ears.  Those tiny teeth.  That perfect pink nose. The adorably wiggling tush.  Jordan is one of the most irresistible creatures ever to grace our program.

Jordan is a dog who has grown in leaps and bounds since she first entered our program.  She was so scared when she first arrived at the shelter that she trembled in her kennel, cowering from anyone who approached her, and had to be carried around because she wouldn’t walk on leash.

To meet Jordan now, you almost wouldn’t believe it.  She loves people and now wiggles her way to the front of her kennel to greet them with a smile.  The outside world that once proved terrifying to her is one of her favorite places.  Fear of cars?  Gone!  She now hops in ready for her next adventure!  Scared of being indoors and crossing new thresholds?  She now can’t wait for her slumber parties!  Even things like the big rocks around the shelter grounds that used to frighten her, she now hops on to strike a pose.

Jordan_0018We had been initially marketing this girl to someone who’d have patience helping her overcome her shyness but the truth is, Jordan isn’t that dog anymore.  Sure, there will still be new scary things for Jordan to conquer but this is a dog whose ready for a person who’ll share all life’s adventures and beauty with her.  She’s a resilient little dog bursting with joy and ready to show you her zoomies and give you her heart.

Want to set up a date to meet Jordan or learn more about her?  Email!