Adoptable Program:

Strider_0004Strider is a gorgeous, confident, intelligent dog with all the qualities that make an exemplary canine best friend.  He’s a top notch adventure buddy who loves hiking, water, going for a run, games of fetch, showing the shelter agility equipment who’s boss, and just generally being a superdog.

Strider is also quite the social butterfly, able to charm every human he can lure into his vicinity.  He’s affectionate, engaging, and one of the fastest learners ever to pass through our program. We can see this guy going home with someone who shares his love of the great outdoors and who appreciates a canine companion who brings a big personality to the table.

Strider_0002Strider is a dog you can really connect with and he’s hoping for a person with whom he can do just that.  Whoever that person happens to be is going to be very lucky indeed!

Want to set up a date to meet Strider or learn more about him?  Email!