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  • Vince’s Best Last Day

    Vince’s Best Last Day

    Last week, surrounded by many of his favorite friends, Vince enjoyed his last ice cream cone. The way he looked at it hesitantly and took that tiny first lick, and then carefully licked every last little bite and … Read More »

  • Saul’s Story

    Saul’s Story

    Let’s be honest. We took one look at Saul sitting in his kennel at the shelter, and the same adjective crossed all our minds: stud muffin. Now, we’re known for our unconventional take on medium-large breed … Read More »

  • Tommy’s Story

    Tommy’s Story

    When we first met Tommy, let’s just say he was a “hot mess.” He was young, energetic, and very stressed in the shelter: all perfect ingredients for a dog to fail in a chaotic and unnatural environment. His … Read More »

  • Della’s Story

    Della’s Story

    This is the tale of a scrawny, aloof little dog named “Tiger” who was extremely stressed at Austin Animal Center, didn’t present well in her kennel, found herself at-risk, and was taken in with an enormous … Read More »

  • Kendall’s Story

    Kendall’s Story

    This is the story of a very lucky little dog named Kendall, as told by her mom, and how our unique training style changed the relationship between this very shy creature and her human who wanted so much to help … Read More »

  • Playing It Cool During The Dog Days Of Summer
  • Bringing Real Life to the Shelter

    Bringing Real Life to the Shelter

    The life of a shelter dog is stressful. Ask anyone involved with animal sheltering and they will undoubtedly agree. No matter how nice the facilities, how tasty the food, how plentiful the treats and enrichment … Read More »

  • Animal Farm Foundation Enrichment Grant at Austin Animal Center
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