Adoptable Program:

dakota2Shy, gentle, and a little unsure of the world.  Dakota is a dog with a beautiful spirit and a kind heart.  He joins our program to work on his confidence, social skills, and to help him find his smile.  Though he only joined us recently, we were very happy to already be able to update his photos showing just that!

We first discovered this special boy when he joined us for one of our Sunday TTouch classes.  He walked nicely on leash, handled the class challenges well, but he seemed lost…missing the light in his eyes. As you can see, that light is starting to return…or maybe shine for the first time.

Dakota is a wonderful dog who will make someone very happy.  As he learns that touches feel nice, he’s starting to show affection to the people he trusts.  He’s also quickly overcoming his fear of the car and hopped right in after his last class!  He rides very politely and is such a sweet, pleasant companion to share a drive or a walk with.  In fact, he’s now becoming a pro at adventures to various trails, parks, and stores around down where he explores with a brand new bounce to his step!

dakotaWe see lots of potential in Dakota and are excited to help him learn to navigate the world, discover his joy, and find a person of his very own!

To learn more about Dakota or set up a time to meet him, email adopt@dogsoutloud.org!


*Did you know?

All Dogs Out Loud dogs come with comprehensive post-adoption support including:

  • Free group training classes
  • Free home visits
  • $100 scholarship to local training facility when dog graduates from DOL program
  • Lifetime adoption support guarantee including invitations to group hikes, Wine & Woof dog behavior gatherings, & free quarterly seminars
  • Heartworm treatment for any heartworm positive dogs paid for by DOL through Animal Trustees of Austin
  • Take home care packet including information folder & Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.’s Love Has No Age Limit