Adoptable Program:

This up-for-anything sweetheart of a dog spots her favorite people coming from a mile away and is always ready to go play in the yard, go for a ride in the car, or go for a long walk or run.  When playtime is over, this little tomboy turns into a lovebug.  Jennifer is guaranteed to bring a brilliant bolt of mood-enhancing sunshine to your home with none of the pesky physical side effects. No sunscreen or sunglasses necessary!

Since young dogs like Jennifer love mental stimulation and exercise, she has also been getting some professional training classes under her belt. She has already completed a confidence building class and continues to go to offsite “tutor” days once a week.  This adorable, energetic, loving girl is looking for a caring forever home where she can shower you with love. All she asks in return is that you love her, care for her, and show her she’s as important to you as you are to her.