Adoptable Program:

Latte Toy
Oh, Latte.  You slay us with your cuteness.  The fact that this overwhelmingly adorable little nugget is one of the longest stay dogs to grace our program is madness.  We confess that when we met her, we thought she wouldn’t last a week.  She is a teeny little pittie princess with such a high degree of wiggliness, smoochability, and spunk that you can’t help but smile when you’re with her.

Latte is the kind of dog you just want to scoop up and love forever.  Her happiness makes you happy.  Her enthusiasm makes you more excited.  She is an irresistible little lady that we cannot believe doesn’t have adopters lining up around the block to take her home.  Take her home, Austin!

Check out Latte’s blog post, Latte Love!

Latte is currently in a foster home.  Email to set-up a time to meet Latte or learn more about her!BMJohnson_131104_0019