Adoptable Program:

(Editor’s Note: You might recognize this sexy dog as the model for the Dogs Out Loud logo. This gorgeous, funny, athletic, and totally awesome little girl comes with her own fan club and all the training assistance you ever wanted and probably more from the whole DOL crew.)

Cupcake is a wiggler. She gets so excited to see you coming that she starts to wiggle all the way from her smiling face to the tip of her tail!

When you get there, it’s also very possible that she’ll give you some doggie smooches. Or an adorable little hello bounce. She may even give you a high five! Cupcake is a very smart girl and a lightning fast learner who knows all kinds of nifty tricks. In addition to high fives, she knows how to sit, stay, come, target, roll over, and more!  She is currently in training to become a Canine Good Citizen.

This petite little lady is full of enthusiasm and love and makes just about every activity seem more exciting and awesome simply because she’s there.  Playing fetch? Lounging in the splash pool? Jogging around the lake? Going for a drive? Just hanging out cuddling? She’s up for it!

Cupcake quite literally has a whole posse of devoted fans because she is just that amazing.  Come meet this wiggly genius and see if you don’t fall just as in love as the rest of us!

Check out Cupcake’s blog posts, Cupcake is Doing It and Leash Gremlins Need Love Too!  In fact, she also has her own infographic and fabulous birthday party photo album!