Adoptable Program:

chloeBrace yourselves, Austin.  It’s not easy to handle the epic levels of cuteness Chloe possesses. The perfect triangle ears. The soft white spot on her beautiful feminine face. The bright, intelligent eyes.  The sprightly grace with which she explores the world.  This is one adorable dog.

At heart, Chloe is a playful little firecracker ready for her next adventure.  But this beautiful sweetheart of a dog arrived at the shelter sorely lacking in life experience.  She arrived at the shelter with her brother who heartbreakingly did not make it into the adoption program.

chloe close upBut Chloe has a chance and we are here to help her seize it!  She’s brand new to the program but learns incredibly quickly and is proving herself so full of potential it makes your heart full just to watch her progress.  Chloe is an amazing dog. An exceptional best friend waiting to happen.  It takes only a few minutes with her to know just how much this special girl has to offer the world.

To learn more about Chloe or set up a time to meet her, email!


*Did you know?

All Dogs Out Loud dogs come with comprehensive post-adoption support including:

  • Free group training classes
  • Free home visits
  • $100 scholarship to local training facility when dog graduates from DOL program
  • Lifetime adoption support guarantee including invitations to group hikes, Wine & Woof dog behavior gatherings, & free quarterly seminars
  • Heartworm treatment for any heartworm positive dogs paid for by DOL through Animal Trustees of Austin
  • Take home care packet including information folder & Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.’s Love Has No Age Limit