Adoptable Program:

IMG_9162Say hello to our gorgeous and burly boy, Boudreaux! Those huge, golden, and slightly crossed eyes are the perfect mix of mesmerizing and comical. His floppy, hound-like ears are charming and oh-so-tempting to scratch. FullSizeRenderAnd that beautiful smile of his will brighten the darkest of days.

Boudreaux’s a big guy but don’t let his size fool you; inside, this boy is a real teddy bear. Perhaps it’s his charming goofiness, his laissez-faire attitude, or his adorably, wrinkly face but Boudreaux’s demeanor and appearance calls to mind a sweet southern gentleman who prefers to soak up the evening air from the front porch with a tall glass of lemonade nearby.IMG_9640

Indoors, Boudreaux enjoys working tasty treats out of puzzle toys, relishing a nice chew on a bully stick, or happily carry around a squeaky toy to engage in a short play session. His most favorite activity, though, is cuddling next to someone who will give him a good, old-fashioned ear massage followed up by some soothing belly rubs.IMG_9548

This sweet pup is looking for a forever home where he can feel cherished and included. If you are seeking a low-key pal to keep you company, warm your feet, and offer you unconditional love, email us at to meet him!IMG_9161