Adoptable Program:

Paige_0006Our lovely girl with the magical eyes.  Paige is a feminine dog with a slender face and special beauty unique to her breed mix.  Her long legs and athleticism give her wonderful potential as a running buddy. She also loves toys and would be happy to play fetch with you in the yard.

When Paige first came to the shelter, she was very shy but has opened up considerably. Her new adventure is learning good doggie manners so she can be the best girl possible!  Paige is a fast learner and eager to interact with her handler.  She responds very well to training and shows all the promise in the world to be a wonderful best friend.  She also enjoys the company of other dogs and has become quite affectionate with people.
paige parkPaige is the whole package; beautiful inside and out and ready to be someone’s devoted best friend.  Can she add her special brand of sunshine to your life?