Adoptable Program:

jpegMicah: a cute perfect-sized dog, both goofy and shy, excited but scared, learning about life, play and affection.

Micah was rescued from the kill list at the end of April. She was frozen stiff, unwilling to take food or make eye contact. It was clear she had lived a tough life, and she was traumatized.

Today, after a couple months in foster, Micah is a different dog. She loves to play and walk with the dogs in her foster home, and go on walks with friends from Dogs Out Loud. With her foster mom, she is wiggly, excited and freely shows off her beautiful smile and sparkly eyes. With new people she’s still shy, but learning that most people are new friends.

Micah is the perfect housemate, as long as you don’t mind sharing a spot on the couch. She is house-trained, chews only on treats and toys, and loves going for short walks. She is very food motivated and loves all kinds of treats. She likes to lay on the couch most of the time, though, where she feels safe. Everything is much easier for her when she has a doggy buddy to follow around, so a home with another goofy, playful dog would be perfect!

The right home for Micah is a private residence with a secure fence, no children, a calm relaxed atmosphere, and at least one other dog she can be friends with.

Micah (and all of DOL dogs) come with an adoption care package. Micah’s will include an in-home training session if the adopter wishes to use it, lifelong training support by email and phone, an invitation to attend a free DOL class when Micah progresses to that point, plus few goodies specifically geared to her needs (Patricia McConnell’s Cautious Canine, info on working with a fearful dog, and her favorite toy, a Kong).