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  • Using the CGC as a Measuring Stick

    Using the CGC as a Measuring Stick

    Dogs Out Loud class isn’t your typical “obedience” class. While we may incorporate Sits and Downs into our activities, we don’t hang our hats on long stays or a perfect heel. Our goal is getting dogs ready … Read More »

  • Finnegan…What Love Looks Like

    Finnegan…What Love Looks Like

      We’d like to introduce you to a dog with one of the most beautiful spirits we’ve ever been lucky enough to know.  Finnegan is a dog who embodies all the warmth and nuance contained in the word love.  He … Read More »

  • Volunteer Program Launch!

    Volunteer Program Launch!

    We are so excited!!! We have been working with Austin Animal Center, our city’s municipal open-intake shelter, to iron out the details of a partnership that will allow us to expand our efforts to get more dogs … Read More »

  • 10 Moments for Austin Dogs That Make Us Thankful (2013 Edition)
  • Goodbye Eeyore

    Goodbye Eeyore

    “Will you stay with me?” “Until the very end.”                   -JK Rowling Kermit was adopted on Friday.  It was a beautiful moment but it didn’t come with the usual fanfare of a long … Read More »

  • The Magic of Mustang Sally

    The Magic of Mustang Sally

    “What is the deal with this dog?  She’s awesome.  Why does she still not have a home?” We saw this posted by a friend of a friend who had shared Mustang’s photo on Facebook.  He had met Sally quite some … Read More »

  • Finally Home

    Finally Home

    There is one thing all of the dogs featured below have in common; adopters who love them and who saw what made them special when so many others had passed them by.   For the final post in our series on adopting … Read More »

  • What Can You Do To Help Shelter Dogs?

    What Can You Do To Help Shelter Dogs?

    Adopt. Foster. Volunteer. Spay/Neuter. Donate. Educate. Advocate. We see these words listed repeatedly in reference to what you can do to help shelter animals.  But what do they really mean?  We wanted to take … Read More »

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