The Magic of Mustang Sally

Mustang_Sally_0022“What is the deal with this dog?  She’s awesome.  Why does she still not have a home?”

We saw this posted by a friend of a friend who had shared Mustang’s photo on Facebook.  He had met Sally quite some time ago and couldn’t believe such a clearly fantastic creature had not yet been adopted.  There is no good answer to his million dollar question.  Mustang Sally deserves to have a home of her own and she is sure as heck ready for one!

Mustang_Sally_0002Mustang Sally first arrived at the city shelter in 2011, in rough shape but full of her trademark spunk & sass. She quickly became a volunteer & staff favorite, but just as quickly showed that she had an exceptionally hard time dealing with the stress of shelter life. Sally went into foster where she thrived, proving herself to be perfectly housetrained, a pro snuggler, and a blast to have around.  She was adopted, and stayed in her new home for over a year, but was returned a few months ago through no fault of her own. This time, she’s looking for her forever human!

Mustang_Sally_0029Mustang loves car rides, neighborhood walks, toys, belly rubs, cuddles, jogs, and adventures. She especially loves being with her people.  She may prefer to be the only pet in the home but that’s just because her personality and her heart are so big they can provide all the love, silliness, and devotion her person will ever need!  Sally is a wiggle-butted goof who also happens to be very smart, crazy adorable, and happy to be living life and sharing her own sunshine with the world. Sally is also ever hopeful. She hasn’t let all she’s been through get her down and the person she’s looking for is one that loves life as much as she does!

Mustang Sally is a dog literally bursting with personality and off the charts cuteness.  Rather than take our word for it, we thought we’d show you just a glimpse of the magic that is The Stang…

1. She knows a lot about fashion.

Mustang Sally

2. She’s not afraid to speak her mind.

Sally Squak

3. She always remembers to stop and smell the flowers.

Sally flowers

4. She looks ravishing in a bikini.


5. She is perfectly symmetrical.

ls mustang sally

6. She does spot-on impersonations.

Sally T

7. She’s even better to wake up to than your morning coffee.

Sally coffee

8. She rocks her, “Yeah I did!” face when cuddling with mustachioed Australians.

Sally aussie

9. She gets into the spirit for the holidays, especially the ones that involve turkey.

Sally turkey

10. She appreciates how good it feels to take a moment to bask in the sun.

sally downstay

11. Once, at TTouch, she was transported to ye old country and kept a sense of humor about the whole wild ride.

sally ye old country

12. She gives very good belly.

Sally belly

13. She excels at household chores.

Sally laundry

14. She is a music video maven.

Sally popstar

15. She makes strutting adorable.

Sally depot

16. She is basically a chef.

Sally potato

17. She knows when it’s time to do all the things…

Sally cute

18. …and when it’s time to rest.

Sally car naps

19. She’s the perfect co-pilot.

Sally copilot

20. There is no day that can’t be made brighter by looking at that sweet, ridiculous face.


Sally has been looking for a long time, hoping that someone out there is looking for her too.  This brave, resilient, silly, wonderful, beautiful girl is ready to take on the world with her human by her side!  She’s bringing her very best wiggle butt and putting her heart on the line.  It’s time for us to make her dreams come true.  Are you Sally’s human?

Email to learn more or set-up a time to meet Mustang Sally in person!