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  • Proposition, Austin…

    Proposition, Austin…

    Austin, we have a problem. And we think it’s time we all get together and talk about it. All of us. The topics we’re about to delve into are the ones we typically avoid discussing. We don’t want to rock the … Read More »

  • Our Favorite Reads of 2014

    Our Favorite Reads of 2014

    We love reading the words, thoughts, and discoveries of other groups and individuals who share our passion for dogs.  These are the posts from 2014 that touched our hearts, pushed us to think, or made us stand … Read More »

  • Saul: Soft-Hearted Beefcake Looking for Love
  • Public Dog Walking at Austin Animal Center Made Simple!
  • Needs an Experienced Adopter?

    Needs an Experienced Adopter?

    We’ve known many a great dog who’s had that said about him or her. In fact, in the past, we’ve probably even said it ourselves.  But is it always true? Something interesting we’ve discovered through our … Read More »

  • Penny’s Story

    Penny’s Story

    A beautiful little dog had been running around the neighborhood for months.  With her perfectly triangular ears, delicate face, and reddish coat, she could easily be mistaken for a fox. The neighbors had been … Read More »

  • How to be a Shelter Volunteer and Love It!

    How to be a Shelter Volunteer and Love It!

    This is a post for everyone.  For current volunteers.  For former volunteers.  And for those of you wondering how to get involved with helping shelter animals and what it’s really like out here.  We’ve … Read More »

  • Tommy and Jordan… Ready for Home!

    Tommy and Jordan… Ready for Home!

    What does it look like when a dog who entered the shelter in need of some extra training support is ready for adoption?  We recently had to do major bio updates for adoptable pups Tommy and Jordan and it inspired … Read More »

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