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  • Cupcake Is Doing It!

    Cupcake Is Doing It!

    You’ll have to forgive us our slight lack of objectivity where Cupcake is concerned. We are basically her groupies and have a tendency to believe she is the best dog ever at everything. She is the Dogs Out Loud … Read More »

  • October Love

    October Love

    We love October.  It is universally the favorite month of the DOL crew. Pumpkins, apples, Halloween, falling leaves, squirrels hoarding things, cooler weather, and an almost tangible sense of magic.  To celebrate … Read More »

  • Project Pups!

    Project Pups!

    Just because we’ve been toiling away at the boring paperwork part of getting this organization officially up and running does not mean that we’ve been able to keep our hands off of dogs even for a second.   … Read More »

  • Dogs Out Loud Visits Best Friends Animal Society!
  • The Road to Victory for Sir Henry…

    The Road to Victory for Sir Henry…

    What would you do if a dog you loved was going to lose its life at the shelter? That is the question local volunteer and advocate Virat had to answer when it came to Sir Henry.  Sir Henry, a beautiful, healthy … Read More »

  • What’s in a Name?

    What’s in a Name?

    If you’d been sitting at the table while we were brainstorming names for what would eventually become Dogs Out Loud, you’d have either been laughing, questioning the sanity of all those in attendance, or both … Read More »

  • In the beginning …
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