Saul: Soft-Hearted Beefcake Looking for Love

Saul_0001Squishable.  Kissable.  Lovable.  Ask one of Saul’s many admirers to describe him and those are some of the answers you’re likely to hear.  Saul is very much a big puppy.  An oversized chunk of cuddly cuteness, enthusiasm, & curiosity with a sweet heart at least as big as that smooch worthy head.

At just a year old, he’s already proven himself to be an incredibly fast learner with a perfect medium energy level.  Whether you’re looking for a jogging buddy or just a pup for neighborhood strolls, Saul is happy to oblige.  He also loves car rides, happily entertains himself with any toys he can get his paws on, will never say no to a date night to get ice cream, and happens to already be housetrained and quite skilled at all his doggie basics.

Saul_0009Those who meet Saul today have a hard time believing this pro snuggler wasn’t always so.  When Saul arrived at the shelter, he clearly hadn’t experienced much affection.  In fact, getting comfortable with positive touch was one of Saul’s initial training goals. And boy did he ever exceed it!  The second he realized that humans are for loving, he decided to major in the subject and graduate with honors.  He’s nailed his other training goals just as quickly, now walking so nicely it’s easy to forget the leash is even in your hand.

Saul has all the promise in the world to excel at whatever the next chapter of his life has in store and is guaranteed to fill his adopter’s heart and home with the unique brand of sweetness and the overflowing love this beautiful, soulful goof has to share.

We thought we’d let some of Saul’s most special accomplishments speak for themselves…


saul upside downAble to relax in extraordinary positions, including upside down…

saul happyIn the dirt…

saul chillaxBasically, anywhere the situation calls for chillaxing.

saul puppy

 Has perfected the art of puppy dog face…

saul close up


saul car

Makes the perfect date…

saul park

Whether it’s hitting the park…

saul bed

Or snuggling in.

saul tv

Has been on tv…

saul silly

But doesn’t let the fame go to his head…

saul table

And always keeps his sense of humor.


Saul is a darn good dog so filled with love, all you need to do to see it is look in his eyes.  But if you’re still not sure, he’ll toss in some very slobbery kisses and nuzzle that big head right up against your lap until you know for certain that this is a dog who’ll love you for life.  All Saul needs is a person of his own to love him right back.  Is it you?

To learn more about Saul or set-up a time to meet him, email!

*Did you know?

All Dogs Out Loud dogs come with comprehensive post-adoption support including:

  • Free group training classes
  • Free home visits
  • $100 scholarship to local training facility when dog graduates from DOL program
  • Lifetime adoption support guarantee including invitations to group hikes, Wine & Woof dog behavior gatherings, & free quarterly seminars
  • Heartworm treatment for any heartworm positive dogs paid for by DOL through Animal Trustees of Austin
  • Take home care packet including information folder & Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.’s Love Has No Age Limit