The Road to Victory for Sir Henry…

What would you do if a dog you loved was going to lose its life at the shelter?

That is the question local volunteer and advocate Virat had to answer when it came to Sir Henry.  Sir Henry, a beautiful, healthy, young dog who’d been a long-stay at Austin Animal Center and a part of the wonderful Hard Luck Hounds program, had run out of time.  Shelter staff had decided his sometimes challenging behavior and his length of stay added up to make him unadoptable. Barring a miracle, Henry was set to be euthanized.


But Virat couldn’t let that happen.  He had spent months caring for this dog; walking and working with Henry at the shelter, paying for professional training, advocating for him.  He loved this goofy pup, nicknamed Sir Knucklehead.  Left with no other option but to say a heartbreaking goodbye, Virat adopted Henry.  But he could not take him home to his small apartment and two cats.  Instead, he reached out to another amazing local animal advocate, Adette Quintana, owner of Chuckling Hound Ranch.  It is there, at Adette’s lovely property, that Henry has been living for the past several months.


Adette loves Henry and Virat visits him often, but it’s not a home.  Henry still needs to complete his journey, and a home where he can get the love and continued training he needs is the missing piece that looms so large for Henry and the people who care about him.  What Henry needs is help finding his people.  We know they’re out there.  They just haven’t met Henry yet so they don’t realize he’s their dog!


Please help share this boy’s story.

Henry is a knockout handsome dog, truly a gorgeous and athletic creature who would excel as a running partner or in canine sports like agility.  He is affectionate, playful, intelligent, and has a natural sense of adventure and zest for life.  As a dog who has spent more than a year without a home, and did not get the socialization and training he needed early in life,  Henry will need patience and clear boundaries as he transitions into a home.  We are confident that he and the right adopter can not only make that work, but will love the journey together as Henry grows into the exceptional dog we know he can be.


Henry’s story at the shelter is not unique, but he most certainly is, as are the lengths to which Virat has gone to save him.  Let’s help this special dog and his hero ensure that Henry’s happy ending is complete with a place he can call home for the rest of his life.

To meet Henry or learn more about him, email and check out his very own Facebook page!