What’s in a Name?

Zane, Zera, Emme

If you’d been sitting at the table while we were brainstorming names for what would eventually become Dogs Out Loud, you’d have either been laughing, questioning the sanity of all those in attendance, or both.  Between the talk of dragonflies, Norse Gods, and hardware stores, we somehow managed to find words that resonated.

Our goal was to find a simple name that captured the essence of the dogs we exist to save, as well as how we intend to save them.

Jonas, Buddy, Petey

We knew we were an organization that values empowerment over pity.  We knew we were setting out to turn love into action, empathy into understanding, and to show the world the beauty and potential, so obvious to us, in these dogs who’d been left out of the life-saving equation.

We wanted to build dogs up, not break them down and we were determined to have fun in the process.  Saving the last chance dogs, many with histories it can be difficult to see past, is not something you can do without fierce determination and a willingness to put your heart on the line.  But, over the years, we’ve discovered it’s also something that requires a sense of humor and the ability to let fresh air and light in.

It is only then that you can find the place where hope and action intersect.  If you listen to the dogs, they’ll tell you in no uncertain terms that is the place they want to be.

Slinky, Gus, Paris, Shasta, Louie, Brodie, Goat, Champ, Candy

We were ready for the challenge, the adventure, and the journey that working with these dogs brings.  In truth, we’ve been on that journey with these dogs for years.  Each of the dogs you see in the photos is an honorary founder of this organization and an animal that has touched, and sometimes broken, the hearts of the DOL team.

Cupcake, Mustang Sally, Leroy

Some of them are adopted, some didn’t make it, and some are still seeking a place to call home.   It is for them, and all the dogs they represent, that Dogs Out Loud exists.

Our goal is to simply do them justice.  To save as many big, beautiful lives as we can.  To shine a light on what is possible.  To inject fun and hope and lessons learned from dogs into the rehabilitation process.  To be their strength when they need it but always help them stand on their own four paws.  To be inspired by their resilience and help them find their joy.

And to introduce the world to a new group of adoptable dogs ready to live life out loud.

Eeyore, Louise, Jennifer

*The last three dogs pictured are KermitLouise, and Jennifer.  They are still looking for homes and can be adopted through Austin Pets Alive!.*  

A full listing of dogs by name: Zane, Zera, Emme, Jonas, Buddy, Petey, Paris, Gus, Slinky, Shasta, Louie, Brodie, Goat, Champ, Candy, Cupcake, Mustang Sally, Leroy, Kermit, Louise, & Jennifer.

Photo credits to Scarlett Blue Photography, BMJohnson Photography, Choe Pix, Angela Lozano, Summer Huggins, Korey Howell Photography and those of us who love these pups and just happened to capture some cuteness on film.