I Love My Kennel Protocol

Each dog’s kennel is serving as their home while they wait for adoption. Follow these steps to help him or her learn to love her temporary home while she awaits her forever home.

  • Do not rush through kennel routine. We want to avoid sending the message to the dog that we’re in a hurry to leave and that good things only happen outside the kennel.
  • Spend at least 10 minutes at the end of each session with the dog inside their kennel making amazing things happen. Play all of those training and enrichment games inside the kennel, bring awesome interactive toys to do together inside the kennel, and focus on quality downtime inside the kennel.
  • Give the dog at least two high value items when you leave to help build a positive association with departure and give the dog something to focus on. This may include favorite toys, interactive toys stuffed with especially high value treats, and speciality chews like bully sticks, tracheas, and fish skins.
  • Ensure dog has constant access to a variety of enrichment toys in kennel. See more on why this is so important here and here.
  • Play gate games with the dog regularly.
  • Ensure adequate bathroom breaks and out of kennel time so dog does not feel trapped inside kennel or frantic about when he’ll get to leave again.