Adoption Follow-Up Emails

Initial (also include any pertinent info specific to that dog)

Hi (adopter’s name),

Thanks so much for adopting (dog’s name) and giving him the home he deserves! (dog’s name) is a wonderful dog and we’re so glad he’s out of the shelter and in a loving home! As an alumni of our organization, (dog’s name) is entitled to the following:

  • free weekly group classes
  • free in home training session(s)
  • phone/email consults
  • $100 scholarship to a local trainer

You can find our advice for bringing home a new dog here, as well as additional information and resources in our behavior library. Check out our Facebook page for tons of photos of your new dog; you’re welcome to download and keep any you want.

Please keep us posted on how things go! You can expect unprompted follow-up emails from us at 2 weeks, 30 days, 60 days, and 1 year but we encourage you to reach out with questions and get in touch any time.

Thank you again for adopting such a special dog!

The Dogs Out Loud Team

2 Weeks

Hi (adopter’s name),

We are just following-up to see how (adopted dog’s name) is settling in! We’re here to help should you need training support, advice on feeding or care, pet sitter or vet recommendations, or anything else as you and (adopted dog’s name) navigate the transition from shelter to home.

We’re so happy that you decided to be (adopted dog’s name)’s family. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you!

The Dogs Out Loud Team

PS. Since you made (adopted dog’s name)’s freedom ride happen, we thought you might enjoy these photos of other dogs taking their freedom rides!

30 Days

Hi (adopter’s name),

Happy First Month Adopt-aversary!

How is everything going with (adopted dog’s name)? Please let us know if there is anything you guys need, whether behavior related or otherwise. We hope you’re getting close to #25 on this list. 🙂

The Dogs Out Loud Team

60 Days

Hi (adopter’s name),

Just checking-in to make sure everything is still going well!

This will be our last unprompted follow-up email until your one year adopt-aversary but there is no expiration date on us being available to help you and (adopted dog’s name). Always feel free to get in touch if there’s anything you need, no matter how seemingly small. Curious about a brand of treats? Ask us! Need a new toy idea? We’re happy to help! (adopted dog’s name) comes with a lifetime guarantee of support so if any training or care issues arise, please let us know right away and we can troubleshoot them together.

If you’re interested in doing some continued learning on dog behavior, we list many of our favorite books and websites in our behavior resource library. We also (hint hint) love adoption updates and photos just for the heck of it!

Thank you again for giving (adopted dog’s name) such a wonderful home. Please stay in touch!

The Dogs Out Loud Team

1 Year

Hi (adopter’s name + adopted dog’s name)!

Happy One Year Adopt-aversary!!!

We are so happy to have you as part of the Dogs Out Loud family and thrilled to congratulate you on reaching this milestone! We’d love to hear how everything is going. Any questions for us? No matter how much time passes, we are here to make sure you and (adopted dog’s name) are living the good life together.

All the best,
The Dogs Out Loud Team