Latte Love

latte preciousMini Pittie Princess.  Lap Dog.  Creamy Caramel Colored Cuteness on Four Legs.  Pretty Pittie Cheer-Up Committee. Meet Latte, an unlikely long-stay dog whose petite, precious looks and sweet, silly personality are enough to make you fall in love at first site.  It happened to us and it has happened to just about everyone this lovely little wiggler has met since.  All Latte needs is the next person who falls in love with her to be the one to take her home.

latte adorbsWe met Latte almost by accident, which would come to feel like fate.  We were at Austin Animal Center for a photo shoot with an at-risk dog and one of the volunteers asked us if we’d go ahead and take some pictures of Latte too.  Walking up to her kennel, her overwhelming cuteness quite literally stopped us in our tracks.  Hearts completely stolen before we even officially met her, big smiles on our faces at this tiny, amazing little specimen of dog in front of us, we took her out of her kennel and were hers forever.  You can see some of the results of the photo shoot in this post; she spent a good part of it in our laps.


latte deck nap








After that, whenever we had extra time or just needed some sunshine in our lives, we paid this special, sparkly little girl a visit.  She was consistently easy on leash, wonderfully behaved under any circumstances that came her way, and just an absolute joy to be around.

latte kissWe once spent an entire afternoon playing and cuddling in her kennel because it was way more fun than leaving and finishing the day’s errands as intended.  Still, every time we went to visit her, we were surprised and disappointed that she was still there.  How was no one taking home this amazing little dog?  When she hit the risk list, we were absolutely shocked.  It would have been a heart shattering loss had Austin Pets Alive! not stepped up and pulled her into their program.  She has been our project pup ever since and we could not be luckier to be working with her.

latte soft thingsLatte began her first cycle of class and worked an individual training plan on her off-days, making the kind of progress and showing the level of promise that proved once again what an incredible little girl she is.  By her second class cycle, she was serving as one of our base dogs and has gone on to be a role model dog for our alumni pup, Jennybean.  She is a dream on leash, knows all of her basic commands and performs them with ease, and frequents trails and dog friendly stores about town.  She takes weekly trips to the home of one of our directors where her favorite activities are playing fetch, napping on the deck, and getting in quality snuggle time.

latte restingLatte is someone’s heart dog.  She is the beautiful little ray of sunshine and love they couldn’t imagine their life without.  She just needs to find her soulhuman so she can finally go home for keeps.  Latte comes with a full training scholarship from Dogs Out Loud and a post-adoption care package.  You can find her at Austin Pets Alive!‘s Town Lake Animal Center location at 1156 West Cesar Chavez or email to learn more about Latte or set up a time to meet her.  We would love to introduce you and watch Latte work her magic!