Change for Change!

Kermit Change 2It’s our very first fundraiser, inspired by one of our very favorite quotes…

“Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.”

Sometimes, the place you want to get seems very far away, the obstacles nearly insurmountable, and the resources you have to offer seem insignificant by comparison.  But we are big believers in doing everything you can right now and building the foundation to make your dreams come true.  Every little bit helps, always.  Every small step forward is a step in the right direction.

Kerms Amazing Big EyesFor our very first fundraiser, we are starting small and dreaming big!

We want your change and we’re going to use it to help affect change!  We’ll be at Healthy Pet on Sunday, 4/28 from 12-4pm collecting donations and showing off adoptable dogs!  You know that jar of change you have sitting on top of the fridge?  That old coffee mug of quarters on your bookshelf?  The random pile of coins that fell out of your pockets in the dryer?  We want it!  

The Amazing Kermit will be presiding over the event in his cape, along with fellow adoptable superdogs Latte, Mustang Sally, & Kazoo, and it’s not a coincidence that he’s heading up this particular initiative.  Not only is this weekend his birthday he is a dog who embodies the spirit of the event.  Faced with a medical condition that initially placed him in hospice care, Kermit has proven himself to be a true superhero.  He’s beaten the odds and overcome medical and behavioral obstacles to be where he is today.  He is a completely unique, incredibly intelligent, and profoundly adorable testament to the idea that, if you always keep moving forward, you’ll get where you need to go.  Kermit lives life in the moment and wears his joy on his sleeve.  He’s an inspirational little guy who’s taught us a lot and we feel lucky to know him.

Kerms TailAt Change for Change, Kermit is hoping to inspire you to help save lives like his.  Some dogs need more help than others to make it out of the shelter and go on to thrive as loved companions.  Kermit is one of those dogs and he is 100% worth that extra, live-saving effort.  To save more dogs like him and fully expand our efforts, we have our hearts set on a home of our own where those dogs can get the support they need.  In addition to pulling those dogs directly into our program, our hope is to create a community resource for local shelters, rescues, and adopters working to help the Kermits in their lives.

Kerms Ready for Takeoff

Kerms Off & Running


Kermit Change JumpKermit is off and running and so are we!  We hope you’ll join us in creating a new model for  shelter dogs who need a life-saving initiative as unique as they are.   Any amount that you give is a step forward for this very special group of dogs and means a lot, both to them and to the people who love them.

Come out and join us at Change for Change, RSVP so you don’t forget, or donate online if you can’t make it!

Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.

And really, once you start moving forward, the sky is the limit!