Kazoo: Adoptable Superdog Seeks Partner!

kazoo cutenessThe very first sentence that comes to mind when thinking about Kazoo is, “This is a great dog.”  It’s because he just so completely is.  This happy go-lucky boy is a genuine rare find.  A one in a million dog who has the kind of charisma that makes you think he’s walked right off of a movie set where he effortlessly stole the show.

Kazoo is social, well-adjusted, and exudes the kind of boyish charm and good-natured enthusiasm that steals your heart and makes you smile.  Add to that his adorable, perpetual puppy looks and eagerness to learn and you’ve got the complete superdog package.

kazoo superAnd yet, Kazoo is one of the longest stay dogs at Austin Animal Center.  We met first met Kazoo when he started attending our weekend classes at the request of an AAC staffer with a soft spot for him and were immediately smitten.  It was clear from moment one what a wonderful boy he was, literally bursting with all that superdog potential.  All he needed was someone to teach him how to control his superpowers and use them for good.

kazoo drivinKazoo loves people a lot. Because no one ever told him it wasn’t cool (er, ahem, good manners…it’d be a lie to say some of us don’t secretly like it) to express that love by climbing all over his new human friends, he did just that.  “Hey, Lady!  I’m Kazoo!  Can I put my paws here? How about my face?  I loveyouloveyouloveyou already!”  The nice thing about this is it’s a super easy behavior to fix and Kazoo has already figured out that more good things happen when his cute puppy butt is on the ground than launching through the air toward his person.  He’s also learning all kinds of other awesome new skills like how to walk nicely on leash and exercise his most excellent powers of self-control.

Kazoo is a fast learner and comes with a training scholarship through Dogs Out Loud to help he and his adopter become the ultimate dynamic duo (or trio, or so on as the superhero ensemble may be).  He is dog and kid friendly (kitty unknown) and we really can’t stress enough what a catch this guy is.  Kazoo is great in the car and loves to hit the road, makes a fantastic hiking buddy, loves to play, and gives charming, Kazoo-style cuddles when it’s time to take it down a notch.

kazoo cutieBut most importantly, he’s a good-hearted, loyal little guy who leads by example with his love of life and natural ability to bring smiles to all he meets.  A superdog doesn’t belong in a shelter.  Come meet Kazoo and complete his super posse so he can get down to the business of making the world smile with his magical powers of awesome.

Kazoo recently became a Hard Luck Hound and you can find him at Town Lake Animal Center, 1156 W. Cesar Chavez, in kennel 34 or email info@dogsoutloud.org to learn more or set-up a time to meet him!