An Interview with Hard Luck Hound Dimple (the dog)

We had the rare opportunity recently to get the facts on life as a Hard Luck Hound, straight from the source; a very special, and very photogenic, dog named Dimple…

Cute? Smart? Affectionate? Highly trainable? Dimple is the whole package! He prances when he walks, gives you his full attention when you talk to him, and has a wonderful, enthusiastic smile that belies his eager to please and excited to explore nature.

dimple1Dimple is a great dog and part of the awesome Hard Luck Hounds program. He’s attending our training classes to help prevent the boredom and frustration of shelter life from dimming his light. This adorable boy with the attentive ears and bright, intelligent eyes is an excellent student with exceptional focus. He learns new skills quickly and has a blast doing it.

It’s easy to picture Dimple as someone’s best friend. He clearly loves to engage with people and has a natural affinity for the world around him.

Here, in his own woofs, is some insight into the life and dreams of a Hard Luck Hound…

DOL. So, Dimple, it’s not that often that we get to interview a dog. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?


Dimple. Me? You want to hear all about me? Let me think for a minute. This needs to be really good, right? So it can get me a home?

DOL. We hope it gets you a home!


Dimple. Me too! Well, I’m a young guy, you know. I love it out here, being places with lots of sniffs and friends. I like to play and I like to run. You guys say I’m smart. I know I love learning stuff and doing it! I think these other dogs look fun, like that blonde girl dog over there. Do you think she’d go out with me?

DOL. We bet she would, Dimple. You’re really cute. So, can you tell us how you ended up at the shelter?


Dimple. Oh man. That’s not a fun story. I know I hadn’t eaten much in a really long time. I was really skinny and hungry. And I’d gotten into a pokey thing that hurt me and put spikes all over me. A lady called it a cactus. I don’t ever want to touch one of those things again. Some man put me in a big truck and brought me to the loud place called the shelter. I wish I could tell you about before the shelter but I can’t. Those are my sad times.

DOL. We understand, Dimple. We don’t have to talk about your sad times. Tell us about something that makes you happy.


Dimple. Well, you see this lady here? This one snuggling me? She’s one of my people. They’re like my human shelter friends and they take me jogging and to dog school and on car rides. They give me treats too. They said they’re trying to help me get a home. A home is what would make me the most happiest of all!


Dimple. Man, I can see it now. A home. A home just for me. With my very own person that I get to keep for all the times. We could do all the stuff and the things together. We could run and play. We could be best friends.


Dimple. Can’t you just see it? Me and my human. We’d be awesome. And I’d get to stay and never have to leave.

DOL. We can definitely see it Dimple. You’d make someone a wonderful best friend. They’d be lucky to have you! So Dimple…Dimple?


Dimple. *sniff* *sniff* *sniff* You guys smell that? I think that’s pee. Right here. I think it might be possum pee. Or maybe even raccoon. There’s definitely hints of garbage snacking.


Dimple. Here. Right here. I’ll let you get a sniff to see what you think but then I’ve gotta mark it. You know, this is my special interview spot.

DOL. That’s cool, Dimple. We trust your judgment on the sniffing.


Dimple. Are you thinking I can’t know your sarcasm because I am a dog? *pfffft* You humans don’t know what you’re missing, ignoring all your most importantist senses. Didn’t you hear, sniffing the ground is how dogs read the newspaper? Lotsa stuff happening down here.

DOL. We know, Dimple. That’s why you dogs are so awesome. You remind us about using all of our senses and stopping to notice the good things.


Dimple. You think I could be good at helping a human do that stuff?

DOL. Heck yeah! You’d be awesome at it. You are all the good things a dog can be and we can’t wait to see the person who gets to be your very own human. Maybe there will even be more than one! You know, Dimple…Hey? Dimple?


Dimple. Shh. *whispers* There’s a squirrel over there. I gotta stink eye him. Humans think we just chase ’em because we’re dogs and we can’t help it, but I’ll tell you a secret about those bushy tails…they’re full of trouble and naughty. Let me just stink eye him for one more ‘nother minute…

DOL. Um, Dimple?

Dimple. There! Ha! Okay. Now back to the most important of all the important things.

DOL. More important than bushy tails and sniffing the news?

Dimple. Are you kidding me up? So much more important! A home, guys. A home. That’s all any of us dogs really need. It’s our best thing. A home means a human that loves us and a place to be safe. A best friend, warm place, and a belly that’s not hungry. A home is love and everything good.


Dimple. Gosh. I can’t wait. I’m just gonna keep believing it and hoping it and I know soon and super close to now I’m going to have a home and a human of my own! Will you tell all the humans out there how they can find me and meet me and adopt me to take me home?

DOL. Yes! You can find and meet and adopt Dimple by going to Town Lake Animal Center at 1156 W. Cesar Chavez and visiting kennel #39. Or, you can email one of his biggest fans, Hard Luck Hound Volunteer Chantelle, at  For inquiries directly to the shelter, reference his animal id #, A634161. Dimple comes with a training scholarship from Dogs Out Loud and a waived adoption fee, free wellness exam, and crate courtesy of the Hard Luck Hound adopter package.

dimple 2

Dimple. Thank you so much for interviewing me, guys! I cannot wait for my people to come find me and take me to my home. I will be crossing my paws!

DOL. We will be crossing our paws too, Dimple! Well, the human version of that. 😉