It’s Adopt a Shelter Pittie Month!

Well, okay.  It’s actually Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and Pit Bull Awareness Month.  But we thought those two things could be combined perfectly into Adopt a Shelter Pittie Month!

Austin is full of amazing, adoptable dogs available from a TON of different shelter and rescue organizations. We, of course, would love you to consider one of our own project pups.  But it just so happens that there are some special pitties out there who we can’t get off of our minds.  We love these dogs and can’t imagine why they aren’t in homes yet.  They are spectacular specimens of big headed love and pittie smiles!

Without further adieu, our shelter pittie picks from right here in Austin and all the way up in Kanab, Utah…

From Austin Pets Alive!

Sullivan!  Gentle, easygoing, and the perfect nap buddy.  This boy’s plight is a mystery; an endless stretch of months at the shelter, adopted and returned several times…knowing Sullivan, the lanky, big-hearted boy who just wants a cozy spot on your couch, we can’t understand his string of luck.  Ask anyone who’s met him and they’ll tell you he’s the perfect dog.  He gets along well with other animals and people of all shapes and sizes, has strutted the streets and trails of Austin making friends wherever he goes, and has just the right amount of energy and excellent temperment to make him the kind of good-natured companion that’s a real catch in the land of canine best friends.  Sweet Sully deserves to go home to stay and spend the holiday season in the lap of turkey scraps and luxury, and most of all, love.

Carma!  A petite and very eager to please lovebug that squishes your heart.    The only reason we can figure out that this precious little pittie girl hasn’t gone home yet is that she’s a “black pit bull mix.”  Those two characteristics, even on their own, are notorious for landing dogs with unfair lengths of stays in the shelter and rescue environment.  They certainly shouldn’t.  Carma is a little love who likes to curl up in a ball in your lap.  She gets along well with other dogs and is a low-maintenance sweetheart who is full of love to give to her adopter.  There is something magical about Carma’s face.  This beautiful girl wears an expression of hope with just a little touch of sadness.  We’d love to see Carma’s forever person come along and let that precious look of hope sweep away the last of her sadness when she realizes she is home to stay.

From Hard Luck Hounds and Austin Animal Center

Buddy!  Oh, we are smitten with Buddy!  This chunky love muffin has lived at the shelter for over 200 days.  What?!  He is basically a teddy bear.  He is so happy, so cute, so friendly…we just look at him and think, “This is what they mean when they say dogs are man’s best friend.”  Sure, Buddy needs to drop a few pounds.  But it will be a heck of a lot easier for him to do that in a home where he can go on daily walks with that cute, frisky gait of his and then come home and smooch his person before settling in for a nap.  What more can we say?  We love Buddy and we guarantee that you will too!

Latte!  Oh, Latte.  You slay us with your cuteness.  This little girl has just reached the 100 days at the shelter milestone.  We confess that when we met her, we thought she wouldn’t last a week.  She is a teeny little pittie princess with such a high degree of wiggliness, smoochability, and spunk that she reminds us of our own DOL mascot, Cupcake. Latte is the kind of dog you just want to scoop up and love forever.  Her happiness makes you happy.  Her enthusiasm makes you more excited.  She is an irresistible little lady that we cannot believe doesn’t have adopters lining up around the block to take her home.  Take her home, Austin!

From Best Friends Animal Society

Ray!  Ray is a former Vicktory dog, one of the 22 toughest cases from the dog fighting bust sent to Best Friends for rescue and rehabilitation.  As you can see, he has a smile a mile wide that captures your heart before you’ve even made it all the way to his run to meet him.  Ray bears the physical and emotional scars of the life he lived before he arrived at Best Friends, but true to pittie style, he is resilient.  Loving, loyal, playful, affectionate and attentive to a heart stealing degree, Ray is waiting in beautiful Angel Canyon for a home.  It will be his first home and something that is long overdue and hard won in the life this boy has led.  Ray has passed his Canine Good Citizen test, a condition of adoption for the Vicktory dogs, and he is ready and waiting for you to fall in love with him.  We certainly did.

Yuma!  Yuma sits like people.  A clear and unanimous favorite of the entire DOL crew, Yuma is an unforgettable dog.  Her eyes sparkle with intelligence, curiosity, and just a touch of mischief.  This girl loves to play, explore, and cuddle in equal measure.  She’s a young dog with plenty of energy and an obvious sense of adventure.  She was also eager to engage in training games and exercises in the time we spent with her, showing excellent focus and the ability to learn quickly while obviously having a blast.  She would be a joy to train, to curl up for a movie with, and to have as a life-long best friend whose sense of fun and loyalty will make you wonder what you ever did without her.

This post could go on for pages and pages and list dog after fantastic, adoptable dog but we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out the most obvious source for adorable adopt-a-bulls right here in Austin, Love-A-Bull! They make it a point to be chock full of pitties and do a wonderful job advocating for big-headed dogs.  We cannot wait for their annual Pittie Pride Parade and Festival this Sunday, 11/28 and hope to see you there!

Now get out there and celebrate Adopt a Shelter Pittie Month and encourage those you know to do the same!  And may your AaSPM festivities bring you plenty of slobbery kisses!


*Photos of Sullivan & Latte by BMJohnson Photography.  Photo of Buddy by Camille Akin.  Photo of Bea, Love-A-Bull adoptable from Love-A-Bull.