Welcome to the possible.

Cuppens Group walk4Welcome to a place of canine joy and empowerment. You will find no talk of broken dogs here. At Dogs Out Loud, we are canine bravery and resilience in partnership with human leadership and ingenuity.

Dogs Out Loud dogs prove that possibilities are actions you take every day. They expand the definition of adoptable and they show the world what it means to live life out loud.

We invite you to explore our vision.

Expanding the definition of adoptable


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  • Dino


    Say hello to Dino!  This affectionate and energetic boy is charismatic, bright, and … Read More »

  • Boudreaux


    Say hello to our gorgeous and burly boy, Boudreaux! Those huge, golden, and slightly … Read More »

  • Fennec


    Like a Fennec Fox! This adorable dog with the magical ears has come a long way to get … Read More »

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  • Tommy’s Story

    Tommy’s Story

     When we first met Tommy, let’s just say he was a “hot mess.” He was young, energetic, and very stressed in the shelter: all perfect ingredients for a dog to fail in a chaotic and unnatural environment. … Read More »