Meet Our Team

The Dogs Out Loud Team met while working together to start and build a behavior program at a local shelter. They have spent several years working directly with the dogs this organization has been founded to save. Together, and with the help of wonderful fellow dog lovers and team members, they developed programs that supported over 1,000 dogs with behavior problems ranging from mild or moderate to serious in finding their adoptive homes in a period of just three years. They share a collective soft spot for “naughty” dogs and a passion for dog behavior and a life shared with animals.

Our Founders

Each Dogs Out Loud Founder/Director listed below is trained, and has several years of experience, in understanding dog behavior, dog body language, and behavior modification. We’ve studied and used a variety of different disciplines including BAT, agility, TTouch, nose work, massage work, canine nutrition, canine CPR and first aid, and even doga! We stay on top of best practices in the field and incorporate programs from some of our favorite trainers and behaviorists into the work we do at DOL.

  • DawnDawn Morehouse

  • ArianaAriana

  • AnnieAnnie

  • JenJen

Behavior Consultant

steveSteve DeBono of DeBono Dog Training has been our unofficial behavior consultant for a few years now. We are very excited to have formalized that relationship as of 2014. One of the reasons we’re so happy to have Steve as part of the team is that his training philosophy very much matches our own. Read about how and why Steve does what he does in his own words.

Leadership Team

The DOL team wouldn’t be complete without some great people filling important leadership roles in the organization to keep everything running smoothly:


  • Shannon MazzaDevelopment:
    Shannon Mazza

  • Keitha & CupcakeEvents:
    Keitha Spears

  • robVolunteers:
    Rob Thurlow

Expanding the definition of adoptable

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