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Our Mission

Dogs Out Loud provides training, behavior rehabilitation, and support services for medium to large breed shelter dogs with resource intensive behavior problems.

Dogs Out Loud is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides training and education programs for dogs, handlers, and adopters that aim to increase the dogs’ adoptability, enhance the dog-human relationship, and improve the reputation of medium to large breed shelter dogs. We also spearhead enrichment and fundraising projects geared toward improving the lives of dogs living at the shelter. Learn more about ways you can get involved.


Training: Provide the dog with the skill set and mental “muscle memory” to perform learned skills when he would usually act on instinct. Provide the handler with the skills needed to navigate challenging situations and provide the dog with adoptable skills and behavior.

Behavior rehabilitation: Change the dog’s perceptions of and reactions to people/places/objects at a psychological level.

Support services: Services include education programs such as TTouch, trainings, and seminars; fundraising initiatives; shelter improvement projects; and adoptable courtesy posts.

Medium to large breed dogs: Dogs approximately 30 lbs or over.

Resource intensive behavior problems: Behaviors that, to successfully improve, require a more individualized solution, higher level of resources, or different environment than those a high-volume adoption shelter can reasonably provide.

Our Vision

Dogs Out Loud is demonstrating that behavior rehabilitation programs are safe, effective, and reasonable means to saving dogs dying or deteriorating at shelters for resource-intensive behavior problems. We have already shown that rehabilitated dogs can live safely and happily with humans of reasonable skill and knowledge of dogs.

We are seeing success in the following areas, and look forward to reaching greater heights in the future: adoption success rate, low recidivism rate, canine quality of life and program rubric, successful implementation of safe and effective handling protocols for handlers at the shelter, thriving enrichment programs, staff and volunteer feedback, level of community engagement, and productive and mutually respectful collaboration within Austin animal welfare community.

At the community level, we are contributing to a drop in, and eventual cessation of, savable dogs dying at the Austin Animal Center.

As our organization grows and our impact expands, we intend to serve as a model for what is possible in behavior work with shelter dogs and set a standard that expands the definition of “adoptable” and saves lives at shelters and in communities throughout the country.

A Bit of Background…

Austin, TX is at the forefront of the No-Kill movement and, in 2011, became the largest city in the US to achieve a 90% or better save rate of the animals entering its city shelter. As we have accomplished this incredible milestone in humane achievement and lifesaving work, a new challenge and gap in services has come clearly into view.

No-Kill is defined as saving every “healthy, treatable, and rehabilitatable animal in the shelter.” What we have discovered is that a 90% save rate is not truly fulfilling that promise. Our city has incredible programs to support nearly all of the vulnerable shelter populations save one: medium to large breed dogs with resource intensive behavior problems.

While the majority of dogs can be supported through traditional shelter programs, there is a group of good, savable dogs that needs creative solutions to succeed in the shelter and in adoptive homes. It is those dogs that are still at risk of long stays, unsuccessful adoptions and even euthanasia at Austin’s city shelter. Dogs Out Loud helps fill this gap, trains dogs and equips handlers to succeed, and contributes to making Austin a leader and model for the rest of the world in what is possible in animal welfare and behavior work.

The name “Dogs Out Loud”, as well as the Dogs Out Loud brandmark and wordmark, including the dog full-body graphic, the dog head graphic, and the logos, are trademarks and properties of Dogs Out Loud, Inc.

Expanding the definition of adoptable

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