Adoptable Program:

Scrappy_0003It’s true.  Scrappy is not technically a DOL dog.  However, this adorable little creature rooms with our girl Carla at the shelter and as one of our favorite mantras goes, “No dog left behind.”  How can we work with Carla and leave this lowrider all by his lonesome?  Who can resist that face?  And Scrappy is certainly no wallflower.  He made it quite clear honorary DOL status was right up his alley!

So, without further adieu, meet the small guy with the big personality that snuck is way into the big dog program!  Scrappy is aptly named; a wee thief of hearts with a goofy swagger to his step. He’s smart, he’s inquisitive, and he’s hilarious.  He’s also tagging along for training and learning lots of great new skills.

Scrappy_0005Scrappy has turned a bunch of big dog enthusiasts into chiweenie/tiny terrier/mini mystery mix fans and we think you’ll find him as charismatic & irresistible as we do!

Email to learn more about Scrappy or set up a time to meet him!