Adoptable Program:

roxy cutenessRoxy!!!  The impeccable underbite.  The spicy sweetness.  The curious, intelligent eyes.  The goofiness wrapped in incredible athleticism.  This and so much more amounts to one amazing dog that we just can’t get enough of!

Roxy blew in from the north along with an October cold front.  She came to our group class all the way from Pflugerville Animal Shelter and we have been smitten ever since.  Roxy is the dream dog for a dog person.  She’s what trainers wait a lifetime to find.  She’s a dog sport enthusiast’s perfect partner.  Roxy is highly intelligent, a very fast learner, an excellent problem solver, and full of the kind of energy and drive that is so wonderful to harness and channel into something awesome.

Watching her sprint and leap and catch a ball midair is equally as entertaining as watching her flop around in the grass like some kind of beautiful, hilarious fish.  She is cuddly too and loves kisses, car rides, and the simple things in life like watching the neighbor cat stroll across the driveway.

roxy grassIf you’re looking for a dog that wants to work with you but that will also be your devoted best friend and companion, look no further.  This silly, smart, beautiful creature is just waiting to make someone’s life more awesome!

Roxy is currently in a foster home. Email to set-up a time to meet Roxy or learn more about her!