Adoptable Program:

Really, it is possible. Redford is just as charming and affectionate as he is handsome. This 1.5 year old mixed breed boy loves to walk, play fetch, and swim, and adores all people and dogs alike. He walks nicely on a leash, has excellent manners, and is quiet, polite, and calm in the house. He picks up on rules and concepts quickly, and has learned to share nicely with his four canine foster siblings. He has
even learned to coexist peacefully with cats! And Redford is a true
snuggler. He will curl up with you to watch any movie or TV show, no
matter how dreadful they might be.

Too good to be true? All these charms do come at a price. Redford
loves to learn and needs stimulation, so he requires a family
committed to his ongoing training and enrichment. As a young dog, he
needs daily exercise — but a few walks and a rousing game of fetch
are enough to satisfy his need to burn off energy. He has a little
playful-mischievous streak and likes to occasionally test the rules,
so he does best with structure and boundaries. Oh, and those with pet
squirrels need not apply — Redford loves to give squirrels a good run
for their money.

Redford would do best with an active family that is able to provide
him structure, take him to group training, and enjoy daily walks and
games of fetch. He can live with other pets and children, but may do
best with kids over 8 years old because of his puppy energy. Redford
is a dynamic dog who would also excel at canine sports, therapy dog
work, or an array of other activities. He is 57pounds of love. One
Free Training Session at The Canine Center will get you started on the
right, um paw with this fantastic dog.

Think you might be Redford’s One-and-Only? Contact Shari at or 512-626-2763.