Adoptable Program:

portiaPortia is what sunshine would look like if it had four legs.  This compact little girl is bursting with wiggly, happy curiosity and a serious zest for life and adventure.  She is ready with a big smile and an enthusiastic hello for everyone she meets!

With all her joyful radiance, you’d never guess that Portia was found abandoned in the bedroom when her owners moved away.  How you could look into those perfectly rimmed, expressive eyes and walk away forever is beyond us but Portia has easily added resilient to her already impressive list of wonderful qualities.

Not only is she resilient, Portia is downright fiesty and possesses the kind of wild, playful streak we can’t resist.  Portia is attending class to work on her manners and social skills and approaches every new task as she approaches life, full-steam ahead!

Portia would love to find a human of her own who matches her sense of adventure, enthusiasm, and belief in the happy power of silly wiggles.  She is a girl too full of life to be cooped up in a shelter.  Take Portia home and you’ll have your own beautiful ball of sunshine to brighten each day!