Adoptable Program:

Hendrix_10We met this strapping, handsome young dog at a charity 5K where he was making the rounds and charming everyone he met, canine and human alike.

Hendrix is a classically good-looking boy with a social, active personality.  He’s a regular on Austin’s hike & bike trails, strutting his stuff and turning heads.  The volunteers who know him best describe him as one of their favorites; a dog they can’t wait to get to the shelter to see and one who always promises lots of fun, affection, and a great afternoon together.

Hendrix is a long-stay (we couldn’t believe it either!) who is more than ready to start his life as your new best friend.  Shelter, shmelter.  This gorgeous, friendly beast wants to strut right out those doors and go home!

For more information about this animal, call Austin Animal Center at 311 and ask for information about animal ID number A635826.