Adoptable Program:

 This lovely lady got her name for a reason.  Just look at that smile with obvious light and joy reaching all the way up to her eyes.  In fact, it even appears to have reached one of her ears!

Happy is the project pup of one of our friends working hard to help the dogs at the small Pflugerville Animal Shelter, our neighbor just to the north, and a tiny animal control center that lacks much public visibility and foot traffic.  We’re posting this lovely lady who has become a long-stay simply by virtue of where she’s at to help her person discover her.

Happy is working hard on her training skills and manners and is full of enthusiasm and natural curiosity.  She’d love an active owner interested in going through a basic training class with her to help make her transition from the shelter a smooth one.  This beautiful, copper colored girl is hoping to catch your eye & wiggle her way into your heart!


*Pulled from Pflugerville by APA! – not high need.*