Adoptable Program:

hankHank is a big, goofy puppy who loves you already.  All it took was one look in this sweet boy’s soulful eyes and we were smitten.  Add in that wiggling derriere trying so hard to stay seated as you open his kennel door and the playful, good-natured demeanor of a dog who wants so badly to connect and we were hooked.

Despite an incredibly challenging start to his young life that’s left him without a consistent person, home or sense of security, Hank wants nothing more than to be with you.  For such a young guy in such a tough situation, Hank is exceptionally patient and hardworking.  He loves to engage and to learn and thinks praise, affection, toys, and meaty bits are all things worth working for.  No one ever took the time to teach Hank things like walking on a leash or sitting nicely when he meets people but he is learning quickly and has all the potential in the world to be the perfect best friend.

hank sweet faceHank loves toys and will give you adorable play bows while tossing them up in the air.  He also has a goofy fondness for hopping up on benches at the park which he seems to think means it’s time for you to sit down too and give him some scratchings.  It’s a skill that would transfer perfectly to being your movie watching buddy on the couch.  Like any young dog, Hank also loves to sniff and explore and find all the adventures life has to offer.

Hank has the special dual ability to bring boundless fun and joy to life, while tugging on your heartstrings with his clear need to love and be loved.  We believe in Hank and we know that his person is going to find him and recognize him as the best friend they’ve been searching for.  Is that person you?

Hank is currently at Town Lake Animal Center, 1156 W. Cesar Chavez. Email adopt@dogsoutloud.org to set-up a time to meet Hank or learn more about him!