Adoptable Program:

Diva_0017Oh, Diva.  Where do we even begin?  This dog has charmed our socks off and has spent the past month impressing us beyond any expectations we may have had before she wiggled her sizable tush into a group class spot.

Diva has been at the shelter for over 300 days.  Her friends at Hard Luck Hounds hoped polishing off her manners at training might help give her a paw up on adoption.  Here’s what we all discovered…Diva is a training rockstar.  She rose to every single challenge we set forth for her and carried out her tasks with ease and clear joy.  She loves to work, to engage with her handler, and to use that adorable, intelligent noggin’ of hers.

We also learned that Diva loves, loves, loves to snuggle and has an affinity for donuts that makes her drool.  In short, Diva makes us swoon and we are quite frankly shocked she is such a long-stay.  We could say she’s worth a million bucks but that would be an understatement.  Diva is priceless.  She’s all the things that make rotties so wonderful; smart, clownish, silly, spicy, and the perfect size for spooning.

Diva_0020Come meet this dog.  Truly.  Come meet her and we guarantee she’ll sweep you off your feet and wiggle her way into your heart, taking up more room than you even knew was there.