Adoptable Program:

dimple1Cute?  Smart?  Affectionate?  Highly trainable?  Dimple is the whole package!  He prances when he walks, gives you his full attention when you talk to him, and has a wonderful, enthusiastic smile that belies his eager to please and excited to explore nature.

Dimple is a great dog and part of the awesome Hard Luck Hounds program.  He’s attending our training classes to help prevent the boredom and frustration of shelter life from dimming his light.  This adorable boy with the attentive ears and bright, intelligent eyes is an excellent student with exceptional focus.  He learns new skills quickly and has a blast doing it.

It’s easy to picture Dimple as someone’s best friend.  He clearly loves to engage with people and has a natural love of the world around him.  Taking home this special dog would not just save his life, it would make the life of his person that much richer.