Adoptable Program:

cecilMeet Cecil.  He is magnificent.

Cecil appreciates all the good things in life.  He loves to play with his doggie peers, loves to learn, loves to go for long, interesting walks, loves to solve puzzles, and loves to cuddle with his favorite humans.  He is very bright and perceptive and is willing to try just about anything. He is very much a team player and willing to take instruction from his trusted human friends.

Cecil could succeed in a variety of scenarios.  He could do well with a like-minded canine brother or sister who appreciates his puppy antics.  He could also do well with a human who loves to explore and stay active (he would likely be a good exercise buddy).  He would almost certainly love agility, treiball, or most other canine sports.  And when fun is done, he’ll wiggle his way under your arm for a little TLC.

Last and not least – Cecil is very cute, and will do just about anything to get other dogs to play with him.  If you don’t believe us, take a look at this tomfoolery: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0E8s-_kTEE&feature=youtu.be .

Cecil is currently in a foster home.  Email adopt@dogsoutloud.org to set-up a time to meet Cecil or learn more about him!