Adoptable Program:

barleyWhen we first met Barley, we thought he was too perfect to ever need our help.  A dog this good-natured, easy to handle, and responsive to training who’d already proved himself good around other dogs, cats, & kids?  How could he possibly be a long-stay?  But Barley is one of the longest-stay dogs at Austin Animal Center.  He is pushing an entire year in the shelter system which amounts to half his young life.

Barley was picked-up as a stray, badly injured from being hit by a car.  Even in pain, he was gentle and affectionate to his caretakers.  This wonderful young dog would be the perfect companion for just about anyone.  Sure, he likes to be active.  But his energy level isn’t over the top.  He’s ready to go when it’s time and knows how to relax when he’s between adventures.  He’s also housetrained and just all around a charming, polite dog.   He’s a blast to be around and stealing hearts & making people smile come naturally to him.

barley poolFor dog training enthusiasts, especially those who love bully-breed ambassadors, Barley is a catch.  He has potential to train as a therapy dog and could easily earn his Canine Good Citizen title.

We really can’t say enough good things about this boy and would love to see him go to a home that’ll help him meet his potential.  Above all, we want to see him loved and appreciated for the exceptionally good boy he is.  Are you the lucky adopter who gets to be Barley’s person?

Barley is currently in a foster home. Email to set-up a time to meet Barley or learn more about him!