BMJohnson_131104_0018Your donation goes directly towards helping high-need shelter dogs get the training and intervention they need to find, and keep, homes.

Dogs Out Loud depends on the generous support of individuals, corporations, and foundations for funding. On behalf of the humans and dogs of team DOL, we thank you very much for making it possible to save some big, beautiful, four-legged lives.

To choose one of the special donation options below, include the program name in the notes section when you make your donation.

Dogs Out Loud Member

Becoming a Dogs Out Loud member is a wonderful way to make a sustained, monthly donation that helps save lives while earning rewards for you and your dog!  All members receive a t-shirt plus 20% off services at local, recommended training facilities.

In Celebration

Make a donation to celebrate a special occasion and we will send the recipient an adorable, handwritten card!  Perfect for birthdays, awesome accomplishments, and anything that requires celebrating!

In Honor Of

Honoring a beautiful life by saving some beautiful lives.  We will send a handwritten card to the recipient expressing just that sentiment.  Donations can be made in honor of beloved companion animals, as well as beloved shelter dogs.  The legacy of dogs lost at shelters due to a lack of behavior support and understanding should be one of action and hope. We honor those dogs we’ve all loved and lost by moving forward with them always in our hearts and ensuring the lessons we’ve learned are evident in the work we do.

Sponsor a Training Scholarship

Each Dogs Out Loud dog comes with a $100 scholarship to a local trainer to continue their journey once they have graduated from our program.  You can contribute all or part of a dog’s scholarship and can choose to donate to the fund in general or to sponsor a specific pup!  If the scholarship is for a specific dog, please include that dog’s name in the note field when you make your donation.

Kazoo Out LoudDid you click the button?! Woof and thank you!

“In times of joy, all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag.” ― W.H. Auden

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