#GiveAGoingHomeKit on #GivingTuesday

We’ve seen Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday come and go. Now it’s time for…giving_tuesday_logostacked1Did you know that when one of our program dogs gets adopted, we send them home with a “Going Home Kit?” IMG_9693_smallThese packages are chock full of items we think are a combination of adorable, celebratory presents and necessary tools for the individual dog to be successful in her new home. While the contents may vary depending on each dog’s preferences of equipment, toys, puzzles, and individual needs, they generally include the following:


  • An Easy Walk or Freedom Harness ($25-35)
  • A leash ($10)
  • A new dog bed ($40)
  • A bag of high-quality dog food ($50)IMG_5924
  • A Kong ($15)
  • Bully sticks ($30)
  • A puzzle feeding toy ($20)
  • A couple bag of high-value dog treats ($15)
  • 2-3 dog toys ($20)

We’ve even been known to throw in a cute new Martingale collar or set of dog dishes that seem too appropriate to pass up!

Norm_GoodiesDoggie shopping addictions aside*, we truly believe there is great value in putting these packages together. Purchasing these things all at once can be a little overwhelming for some adopters. Some adopters may not understand how these items can help them and their new pup. Or, sometimes they just don’t get around to purchasing them in a timely manner. But we know that if these items have been instrumental in the dog’s training plan, or are key to providing outlets for transitional stress, they really can make a difference. So, we choose to give them upfront with the adoption to maintain consistency for the dog and enable the adopter to bond with their new pup.

On average, these ‘going home kits’ cost us $225 per dog. This adds up to a lot of money each year and we’re asking for your assistance! Please help us raise $2500 on #GivingTuesday to allow us to continue providing these valuable packages to our adopted pups. Just click below to donate!giving_tuesday_logostacked1You’ll be supporting this very important component of our post-adoption support program that has benefited 2016 adoptable dogs like Bogie, Mustang Sally, and Boudreaux!


Bogie with his new collar, Freedom Harness, and rope toy.


Mustang Sally with her new collar, Easy Walk, and leash.


Boudreaux with his new collar, orthopedic dog bed, and alligator squeaky toy.

*Just kidding. We manage our budgets very responsibly.


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