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Norm_LyingIn case you haven’t heard, Norm J. Cornbread is quite the local celebridog! First he made his debut on Fox 7 Austin and now he has been featured on 365 Things To Do In Austin, Texas!

Norm_TeefsThis irresistible little dude has been coming to our group classes and is joyous, eager to please, smart as can be, and cute as a button. He also runs the most adorable little zoomies in the whole world when he gets excited. His little round head, tiny teefs, and sparkly eyes are mesmerizing and before you know it, you will find you’ve given him all your treats and toys!

Norm is the perfect mix of energy and couch potato and is ready to be the missing piece to someone’s puzzle. He loves going for walks, hanging out in the park and watching the world go by, getting fun new toys and puzzles in his kennel, and snuggling up for some doggie massage. Norm_CouchNormy has also been enjoying the occasional sleepover with his favorite volunteers and LOVES having a comfy sofa or bed to nap upon…and as many belly rubs as you want to give! What Norm really dreams about these days, though, is a home of his own. He knows his forever person is out there and hopes he or she makes their way to scoop him up soon!

If you’d like to meet Norm, give us a shout at and we will help you get in touch with his foster to meet him!


*Did you know?

All Dogs Out Loud dogs come with comprehensive post-adoption support including:

  • Free group training classes
  • Free home visits
  • $100 scholarship to local training facility when dog graduates from DOL program
  • Lifetime adoption support guarantee including invitations to group hikes, Wine & Woof dog behavior gatherings, & free quarterly seminars
  • Take home care packet including information folder & Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.’s Love Has No Age Limit

Learn more about Norm at Austin Animal Center

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