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Meet your new sidekick, Bradley! This compact little clown started coming out to our group classes a few months ago and quickly became a favorite with the directors. He is so enthusiastic about, well, everything! This eagerness, combined with his desire to please his human buddies, has allowed Bradley to make huge strides with his training plan. We saw him quickly transform from a pup that just wanted to get out of his kennel to one who wants to engage with, learn from, play with , and solicit affection from his fan club. 13092069_10103880905810450_240153564581821714_n

Bradley doesn’t want to watch the world go by; he wants to get out and go with it! He loves to go for car rides and seeks new adventures. He is thrilled to go walking or hiking, likes to run around and play in the yard, and finds games (especially games involving treats!) to be just his thing. His favorite pastime is rolling in the tall, cool grass and making little snorting noises. That is his idea of heaven on earth!

Bradley Boo is ridiculously smart and thinks humans are silly for repeating things to him because he picks up everything quickly. He is so animated, silly, and joyous, he will keep you laughing with his antics.bradley fountain

Don’t let that goofy personality fool you, though! He has gone on overnights with a shelter volunteer and has been a fantastic house guest! He is extremely house trained, respects furniture and items that are not his, and is the best little snuggler at bedtime.

If you are looking for a new buddy to keep you company and remind you that life is a grand adventure that should be enjoyed, email us at or head on down to kennel 219 at Austin Animal Center to meet him!bradley home


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