Finnegan…What Love Looks Like



We’d like to introduce you to a dog with one of the most beautiful spirits we’ve ever been lucky enough to know.  Finnegan is a dog who embodies all the warmth and nuance contained in the word love.  He is hopeful, loyal, affectionate, and wants nothing more in life than a home where he belongs with his own someone to love him.

Finnegan_0015Finnegan was given up with some callous words on an owner surrender form and arrived at the shelter so underweight he was borderline emaciated.  You could see his ribs, hip bones, and the outline of his skull.  You could also see straight to his heart through those beautiful eyes still ready to trust that you might be someone to offer him kindness.

Finnegan_0008Finnegan has quickly become one of our favorite dogs in all the years we’ve been volunteering.  Out of thousands of amazing animals, he still stands out as so very special.  He always has a smile, a nuzzle, and some unique and adorable display of awkwardness that it’s impossible not to love.  Finnegan can pull off quirky and silly with his own, endearing style of beauty and grace.  We often describe the pups in our program as incognito superdogs and Finny is the definition of that phrase.




Finnegan doesn’t show very well in the shelter so he’s having a harder time getting adopted than such an incredible dog should. In a home, he is perfect.  He’s house-trained, polite, and low maintenance.  He is always up for cuddling but can also entertain himself.  He looks adorable trotting around with his toys, walks nicely on a leash, and is content just to be near you.  You can even trust him to snuggle up next to you for dinner and a movie on the couch without worrying that he’ll try to steal the (obviously delicious) pizza you have in your hand.  He’s all the things so many of us look for in a canine best friend, wrapped up in a wonderfully individual package.

Finnegan loves naptime…

finny napping

Going to the park…

finny park

Visiting the magical land of Home Depot…

Finny Home Depot

Riding in the car (even though some people made their cars too short for him)…

finny car

Playing hooky with his friends on crazy Austin “snow” days…

finny snowday

Springing into action to help change tires when he’s needed…

finny tire change

The magical moments (every single one) when someone comes to take him out of his kennel…

finny kennel

And mostly, just feeling loved…

finny loved

What Finnegan wants most of all is you.  He knows what a home means, he knows how love feels, and he is so ready for that to be his reality.  The shelter isn’t where he belongs.  All it takes is seeing him in a home to know that this dog is someone’s best friend.  He is love on four legs, just waiting for his person to come along and see him for the special dog he is.  Finny hopes with all his hope that person is you and that you’re on your way already to bring him home.  For keeps.

Finnegan_0011Finnegan comes with a post-adoption care package that includes a comprehensive training scholarship.  We believe in Finny and are here to help him, and his person, succeed.  To find out more about Finnegan or set-up a time to meet him, email!

*FINNY UPDATE!  Finnegan is doing wonderfully in his foster home.  He gets a fair amount of interest but hasn’t found quite the right fit yet.  He’s in no rush since his foster lady would love to keep him but, while he shares the home with her resident dog, we know he’d really be happiest as an only pet.  He’s developed a new passion for food puzzle toys and professional cuddling.  If you think Finny might be the boy for you, he’d love to meet you!


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